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House in Gascony, France

Elena's House in Gascony, France


'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act but a habit". Aristotle

Let's Celebrate

Our 25th year promotions continue this month! COME IN AND STAY DRY AND HAVE A PIECE OF PIE in our café, we will treat you to a free cup of coffee or tea.

50% off on our morning pastries unsold
(second same item)
4 PM till 5 PM Monday - Friday
2 PM till 3 PM Saturday

Catering Options at Sweet Elena's

* We cater for pickup or delivery
* Office lunches and home parties & more
* Our Cafe is also available to rent for your next event: http://sweetelenas.com/Catering.html

Check out some of our new appetizer small bites:

Small Bites

Small Bites

Elena's House in the
Southwest of France
is on Airbnb, check rates and pictures!

- Villeneuve de Mezin -
Lot et Garonne.

It's Rhubarb Time!
Betsy's Rhubarb Custard Pie

(Recipe from my friend Betsty,who grows rhubarb back East on her farm)

Makes 2 x 9" pies

(Will make about 5 to 6 singles, 9"inches pie crusts) This was given to me by Chef Albert Kumin, instructor at the International Pastry Art Center in the late 80's. He had been a pastry Chef at the White House. A very enthusiastic man. His hands were enormous as baker hands often are!

* 1#1/2 Pastry Flour (we like organic)
* 7 oz of cold iced water
* 19 oz of unsalted butter cubed
* ˝ oz of sea salt

* Make a well and work flour and butter and salt till pea size
* At once add very cold water
* Gather the dough without working it preferably
* Refrigerate for one hour. Divide the dough in 8 to 10 oz bundles.
* Keep 2, freeze the rest. Will keep well up to a month. * With rolling pin make 2 circles about 12-13 inches round
*Freeze for one hour

Filling (Rhubarb Custard):

5 cups Rhubarb, stems should be nice red and thick.
2 cups and ˝ or 3 cups of white sugar
˝ cup Pastry flour
˝ t nutmeg
6 eggs

* 4 to 5 cups of fresh Rhubarb cut in one inch slice
* Let sit for an hour with one cup of sugar to soften the rhubarb
* Add the flour to the remaining sugar, add the eggs one by one whisking constantly
* Divide the softened Rhubarb in betwen the two pie pans
* Divide the custard in between the 2 pies.
* Cook at 300-325 for 45 to a hour till center is firm * You can use frozen rhubarb, you will have then to toss the rhubarb with bit of flour 1 or 2 tablespoons.

Cool and Enjoy!

Time to make reservations for Elena's
house in the Southwest of France
for 2018!

How about visiting the fabulous Flower Festival in Fources (the last Sunday of April)?

$600 per week April - end of September. $500 per week October - end of March.

Contact sweetelenasbakery@gmail.com

Take a Trip to France and Stay at
Elena's Home

Dreamed of a french vacation? We have the perfect place for you to stay near Nerac. $600 per week April-End of September. $500 per week October- end of March. Contact sweetelenasbakery@gmail.com

The house features a large open style kitchen and living room (the French call this a "piece a vivre") with a fireplace, dishwasher, refrigerator, fully equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 shower, 1 toilet, washing machine, line dry clothes, sleeps a family of 4 - 5 maximum. The house does not have TV, telephone or WiFi.

In the heart of Gascony live life with vigor, embrace the best food of the region and savor the sites! Don't forget to enjoy some of the world famous Gascon wines and Armangnac, the region's feisty answer to Cognac.

Visit our web site for more information: www.facebook.com/lagascogne4rent