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A Word From Elena About Her Pies

I did not grow up with pies, but fell in love with them! I like the idea of, and abundance of, fruit, lightly sweetened and enclosed in a buttery pie crust, that has sugar-only sprinkled
on top.

Our Pies are the best around and are very pretty . Our pie dough and all our fillings are made from scratch. The berries are grown in Watsonville, as well as our apples, which
are organic. We are also using organic flour.

In May and June we make cherry pie from real cherries, nothing to compare with the commercial filling you see in most bakeries. Our apricot, peach and plum pies are also a once-a-year occurrence. We put Myers Rum in our pumpkin and pecan pie filling and we do not use corn syrup, but instead use barley malt syrup.

For Thanksgiving, one of our dear ex-team members came up with the most delicious vegetarian mince pie and we now make it every year using apples, pears, quinces, dried figs, currants and lots of brandy, and we leave it to marinate for a month. Trying it will reconcilie you with mince pie.

We did choose to make a lemon tart rather than a pie, just because my lemon tart recipe is divine. Our customers are saying it's the Best on the Coast!

We will gladly ship our famous 9" pies for $25.75 (plus shipping). We recommend 2nd
day air.